Oil Awakening Subscription- Posts AND Graphics

Complete your posts with the graphics to match by choosing this option! This subscription gives you the social media post content, PLUS six (or more) UNBRANDED graphics! Receive graphics summarizing the spiritual descriptions of each of the Young Living oils included in our Essential Rewards promos for only $7.99 per month! These graphics are uploaded monthly by the seventh of the month. Fewer than six oils in our amazing promos? No problem- you will still receive six oils posts and graphics with your membership! Oil Awakening focuses on the spiritual aspects of each oil with easy to understand verbiage. Personalize these with your own hashtags, testimonies and stories for social media engagement that sets you apart! This licenses individual accounts to post the content. We do ask that if friends copy and paste or want to share this content, you direct them here for their own affordable subscription.

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  1. I have to get a Paypal account. Tom may have one already. I’m going to check with him and use his first. Just need a bit of time. (This evening or tomorrow).

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